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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Cristal of Thought, for actor of life ....

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Parole de sagesse en Français chantante

Points of references, crystal sentences, perfume of contemplation, opinions, pondering on words, road signs, to be or not to be but how,….:

Possible to download mp3 from these links below:
http://yourlisten.com/igedetapasudana/wise-words-tribuana-60-75-pondering-autumn-leaves-igtas     http://yourlisten.com/igedetapasudana/wise-words-tribuana-76-90-pondering-autumn-leaves-igtas      

1. Roots: unseen, rooted foundation. That root will hold you stand still, firmly.
2. Awaken the mind without fixing it anywhere, but over all.
3. In the “three worlds” (body, emotion, thought), everything depends on the mind.
4. Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking/the mind makes it so. Mind you.
5. Day after day the sun rises in the east; day after day the sun set in the west. East and west start and end the day & night. East starts the day, west ends the day; west starts the night, east ends the night.
6. Gazing at the flowers of the morning glory I eat my breakfast; beauty is truth; truthful beauty.
7. The clear stream never ceases to flow; the evergreen trees never lose their green. Constancy last forever.
8. ahhh, This morning a nameless hill is veiled with mist; please put my soul at rest.
9. Not my thorns that protect me, said the rose, but my perfume.
10. The wind has no wants; your everyday mind that is the way.
11. Let the nature be your teacher; do one utmost in all thing.
12. The mind is a clear mirror, dust free, unseen beauty.
13. What is death, we are seven; what is life, we are seven. (the present produce/decide death and life).
14. If you don’t know life how can you know death?
15. Stillness penetrates rock and rolls still.
16. Non-dependent on words in writing, directly pointing to the nature of mind.
17. Non-dependent on words in speaking, directly pointing to the nature of man.
18. Cowards die many times before death.
19. The miserable has no other medicine but hope. I have hope to live, I am prepared to die.
20. One, who has attained mastery in art, reveals it in his every action.
21. Knowing others is wisdom; knowing oneself is enlightenment.
22. Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.
23. When you are seeking it, you cannot find it. Who found it they got it.
24. For the uncontrolled there is no wisdom, no power of concentration, no peace; for the unpeacefull, how can there be happiness?
25. Patience, the essential quality of man.
26. Power of mind is infinite while brawn/muscle is limited.
27. Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free.
28. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing; be entirely total and do one utmost in all things.
29. Drive your emotions or your emotions will drive you. The angry man will defeat himself in the battle as well as in life.
30. Let the light without shadow guide you. Brighter the light, darker will be the shadow.
31. Let your mind flows. The mind of a prefect man is like a mirror, it reflects but not holds; it grasps nothing, it expects nothing. The perfect acts without effort.
32. Entirely in, yet detached; act fully free.
33. As long as you remain in one extreme way or the other, you will never know the centre: the oneness.
34. The way is perfect like vast space where nothing is lacking or in excess.
35. The disease of the mind is the struggle between what one likes and what one dislikes.
36. If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.
37. A smallest distinction set infinitely apart heaven and hell. That "smallest" must be essential.
38. Love: living the reality of others.
39. When love and hate are both absent, everything become one, clear and undisguised.
40. The great-way is not difficult for those who have no preference.
41. Words! The way is beyond language, for in it there is no yesterday nor tomorrow nor today.
42. If only the eyes never sleep, all dreams will naturally cease.
43. Thoughts give birth words; words give birth action; daily actions give birth habits; habits give birth character; character carries you to your destiny. Then, how to improve destiny? A long way from good right thought to destiny.
44. To be or not to be, but how?
45. Simplicity is essential. A simple-man is a man that acts the essential efficiently.
46. Whosoever would save his soul shall lose it. When you posses nothing how can you lose it? Possessed by nothing, nothing possesses you.
47. The last shall be the first if you make it so; that is the first last, long life the everlasting.
48. A turning wheel carries an immobile centre.
49. Energy is muscle, energy is food, energy is material, energy is emotion, energy is thought, energy is mind, energy is light and shadow, energy is silent, in emptiness there is still energy.
50. Even the darkest day carries light.
51. He/she, who master him/herself, has no other master.
52. Seeking the brightest light, carrying the darkest shadow.
53. What links us together, cannot be sensed, beyond the thought, cannot be wet by water, cannot be burnt by fire, cannot be dried by the wind, without beginning nor end.
54. Hands are gest-ing our comprehension. Do read gesture!
55. Posture: immobile movement is the beginning of inner intension into actions.
56. Silence carries music that produces silence, “musical silence”.
57. I serve you, to be able to understand how possible you serve me, so we could serve “something” together.
58. To see myself in you, to lose and to find oneself in others, to get him, to get her, together. One in two. One in three. One in multiple.
59. Act the multiple-one then the multiple-one will acts is the secret to be everywhere. No where, yet now here !
60.        Like fire in the flint, luminous knowledge exists in the mind; suggestion is the friction, which bring it out.
61.        A great being told by their common actions.
62.        Character is manufactured by “karma”, manifestation of the will.
63.        Learn and earn. No one get anything unless they earn it. Learn from what you earn, as far as your concern.
64.        All work is simply to bring out the power of the mind, which is already there to wake up the soul.
65.        The power is inside every human being, so is the knowledge; the different works are like blows to bring them out, to cause these giant to wake up.
66.        In the midst of the greatest silence and solitude, find the most intense activity; and in the midst of the most intense activity find the silence and the solitude of the desert.
67.        Duty and morality vary under different circumstance.
68.        Unity in variety is the natural plan of the creation.
69.        Nature is composed of three elements: 1.Inactivity, darkness, inertness (“TAMAS”); 2.Activity, attraction or repulsion (“RAJAS”); 3.Equilibrium of TAMAS AND RAJAS: (“SATTVA”). The enlightened way of life.
70.        Vibration of mind goes with vibration of breath. Fineness of mind: fineness of breath. Work on both toward the true peaceful illuminating silence.
71.        Silence in the mind, silence in the breath. The thought is silence. The thought is silenced.
72.        The soul is like a traveller, who has set in a journey of life in the chariot of body; driven by the intellect (BUDDHI), with the mind for the reins, and the sense organs being the horses. The objects of experience forms the way to be traversed.
73.        The soul, the senses and the mind together form the enjoyer of pleasure and pain that is the individual.
74. If the mind is not properly controlled, then the senses go out of hand like untrained horses. Free the mind to remain free!
75. If only I could free myself.
76. A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle or by placing it in a bright sunshine.
77. Everything exists in relation to other things.
78. The reality of the life are most truly seen in everyday things and actions;
79. Everything exists according to its own nature. Our individual perception of worth, correctness, beauty, size and value exist inside our head, not out side them;
80. The self and the rest of the universe are not a separate entities but one functioning whole.
81. Man arises from nature and gets along most effectively by collaborating with nature, rather than trying to master it.
82. True inside does not come from specialized knowledge.
83. In emptiness form are born. When one becomes empty of the assumptions, inferences and judgements acquired over the years, one comes closer to the original nature and is capable of conceiving original ideas and reacting freshly.
84. Thinking and acting. Being a spectator while one is also a participant spoils one’s performance. Entirely in yet free and centered, ready to follow the flow of nature, the flow of reality present.
85. Accept insecurity and commit oneself to the unknown, creates a relaxing faith in the universe.
86. One can live only in the present moment. Repeated action makes practice, practice give experience, experience grows faith, faith give birth relax and easy feeling, a path is being opened to tranquillity, peacefulness and freedom.
87. The living process and the words about it are not the same, and should not be treated as equal in worth.
88. Each of us develops onto a unique individual who enters into unique transactions with the world.
89. Snowflakes are one of the nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.
90. Dropping anxieties, lead into faith. To live in faith is the road to non-duality.
91. Voices of two bells that speak from twilight temples of the  night. Ah, what a cool dialogue.
92. New Year’s day. What I feel goes beyond words. I am wondering the age of God.
93. Renew oneself through self- freedom- realization, on the way that leads you from timeless to eternity.
94. The confidence of faith comes through experiences.
95. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
96. When you drink water don’t forget its source. Spring from the initial, depart from the origin.
97. A moment of failure contains teachings.
98. He’s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder and cooler.
99. A sharp knife shapes the wood; sharp words shape the self.
100. To understand a person be aware of three points: 1:Observe the means they use and their behavior. 2: Understand their goal, or their aims in action, their search; 3:Comprehend where they lay-on their satisfaction, happiness and joy.
101. Between you and me there are works to be developed, there are story to be told, there are life to be improved, there are love to be cultivated.
102. To be in good form for a performance, get the right information for self-formation, work on idea, reformation: confirmation lead to action.
103. Like a puppet-master an actor articulates the three worlds: body, emotion and thought, mind.
104. Smile like a flower blooms.
105. As legs and arms are the members of the body, experiences to re-member yourself.
106. A comprehensible advice sometimes is helpful, opens the way and clarifies the mind.
107. Actors played by the text, by something inside the text that is not in the words.
108. Open up to the world and the world opens you up. See the world till you have it in mind.
109. To destroy, to vanish an image from the eyes is to put it in the mind, to remind it as a memory to remember.
110. Existences change its manifestations. (What is real to you?)
111. A silence contains whatever you are able to fill it, to give it.
112. Listen a silence is to catch and to feed a chance. Have a good chance ! !!!
113. Living immobility is to be with surroundings, to be harmonious; it is a work to develop.
114. Give up, to give new meaning, new life, to forgive.
115. Find the work and enjoy your existence in every moment of your life. (How does it work)
116. When you receive light you carry shadow, and when you are in a shadow you are sure there must be light somewhere near you to find.
117. Do your action as if the last act of your life.
118. A perpetual adjustment is in action whether you are aware or not.
119. Reading a signification/meanings in a quality of continuous-touch.
120. Touching, teaching.
121. Learning, earning.
122. What are you doing now will be the road for the future generation.
123. Your existence is a necessity. Who for? It is a perpetual adjustment!
124. Actor is being acted by the essence of the sentence (text) that is the spirit of words.
125. The art of “mise-en-scène” is like the process of metamorphoses of water: steam to water and then water to solid, the realization from the invisible to visible.
126. Words set free, reveal and imprison thought.
127. Word and thought, cover and discover each other. Language is the master.
128. Thought: the way to realize idea.
129. Pure intelligence like harmony both is the way to comprehend nature.
130. False intelligence often produces excuses.
131. Deal with good and bad, positive and negative, like and dislike, emotions and action. Keep dwelling in equilibrium in the center, and keep flowing.
132. Male and female create the energy of love, creative creation. How to love, how to make love?
133. When material moves passionately the action, when passion animates the thought/the mind, when mind and spirit delude into “emptiness/ nothingness”, then GOD is there to represent the missing link, the “invisible reality”. Do we treat GOD correctly as GOD was one and will always be one and multiple at the same time, yet everywhere presents forever.
134. The mystery is incomprehensible because it comprehends us all.
135. Great thing create silence and immobility of great quality.
136. The unperturbed is always moving in balance and harmony, sometimes in invisible actions.
137. To be at ease, in harmony and now is a sign of perfection.
138. Master, how do you breathe? I can’t hear! “The pore, tool of osmoses”, speak the holes of your skin.
139. To learn, behaving always like an empty bowl to give space for others, for knowledge's entrance.
140. Accept!?! When one is without concept!
141. To communicate: to be come one, one community of same vibration.
142. Music produces the silence that carries the music. Quality of silence, ir s quality of the music!
143. What's next ?, is shadowed by the past; so, be present!
144.The ideal human being is the one who amidst the deepest silence and the biggest solitude finds the most intense activity, and the one who amidst the most intense activity finds the silence and solitude of the desert (Swami Vivekananda)
145. The supreme goal in sacred-acting/action is the realisation of the Supreme Eternal or the Impersonal Divine.
146. When performed without attachment the action becomes an easy way to obtain the real goal in life :union with the origine-the-ONE.
147. Not by ceasing to act, but by acting completely detached can we effortlessly obtain the supreme state of beatitude and enlightenment. (Swami Ramadas)
148. "Action free of desire, with a total detachment from its fruits, is superior to the knowledge combined with practice" "The state in which the performance of the action is free of desire is the way which easily leads towards enlightenment." (Teachings of Ramana Maharishi).
149. Bhagavad Gita: "You have the right to perform the action, but only to perform it, because from now on you should never again desire its fruits; the fruits of your action should never be the motive which sets you to work".
150. Swami Brahmananda: "If you truly wish to act correctly, you must never forget two main principles: in the first place a profound respect full of attention for the action to be done and in the second place a total indifference or detachment for its fruits.
151. Mahatma Gandhi : "the continual satisfaction lays in the sincere effort of performing (the action) and not in the success. The complete effort is, with anticipation, the expression of complete victory"
152. "I have just very imperfectly realised my intense desire of profoundly melting into the Divine; I have ardently wished to be just a boulder of clay in the Divine hands of the Creator, so that I could serve much better, without being interrupted at all by my ego" Mahatma Gandhi.
153. Act your intentions or firmly focused will.
154. Desire is the most terrible obstacle on the path of inner evolution.
155. The complete restrain of selfish desires is at the root of all true virtues"
156. Sri Ramakrishna: "The heart which has only burned in the fire of selfish desires can in no way stand the influence of elevated spiritual feelings or experiences"
157. Sri Aurobindo: " If the selfish desire is not completely mastered, how could we walk fast and easy on the spiritual path? Because liberation shows up instantly after the loss of ego and selfish desires".
158. Ma Ananda Moyi : "You are the ones who are always creating selfish desires through your thoughts, and you are also the ones who can destroy them, by firmly and detachedly thinking the opposite".
159. Do have a feeling of duty, to be open to the mysterious "inner voice" of consciousness, to have a detached desire to be the best possible vehicle or channel for the manifestation of the Divine, to align our intention with the cosmic will.
160. Whoever doesn"t love at all must not be surprised that he or she will not be loved at all.
161. Love and Freedom are inseparable, since without Freedom we cannot talk about love, but about constraint.
162. Great love and a perfect transfiguration makes our beloved one even more beautiful.
163. Transfiguration shows us that beauty is the child of love.
164. Beauty lasts until ugliness starts to set in, but wisdom (once attained) lasts forever.
165. Brancusi said, "When we stop being like a child, we are already dead".
166. Samuel Ullman: "Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind"
167. Samuel Ullman : "Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over a life of ease."
168. You become old because you turned away from your love and your high ideal.
169. Giving up your high ideal wrinkles your soul.
170. "Young is that person who loves always and being very curious is continuously amazed and discovers many mysteries where other people don"t see anything out of the ordinary. This person always asks questions, such as "Why?", "What happens next?", etc. Such a person determines the events of his life through his creative thinking and always finds new happiness in the divine play of life.
171. You are as young as your love and faith. You are as old as your isolation and doubt.
172. You are as young as the greatness of your self-confidence and hopes. You are as old as your discouragement.
173. You will always stay young as long as you will be full of love and goodwill and open towards everything that is beautiful, good, true, great and divine. Receptive to the voice of love, to the people around you, to the infinite.
174. And now there are these three points: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of them is Love."
175. Discovering the beauty. Responding spontaneously to the moment. Action with no ego-involvement. We are carried by a wave of bliss which is neither 'mine' nor 'yours' and not even 'ours': it is cosmical, impersonal, limitless and eternal

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mask ritual, Balinese approach, I Gede Tapa Sudana

Mask Ritual.

Venetia,13 October 2000
A 5 days workshop at Foundation Giorgio Cini at isle St Giorgio from 9-15 October for the first time. 18 students, with diversity condition and capacity, we work on group work, Silat, tai chi, music improvisation, rhythm, and mask.
On 12 Oct. we were working in a smaller room, in a library to explore the sensitivity on space, relation with others, text of a short sentence on crystal of thought, contemplation
The beginning of mask work, showing how to explore mask by holding it in your right hand in three phases of work , describing the three step of preparations to “become” a masked-character:
1=Taking the information from the mask, looking at it, the mask lower than the level of your face. Step of observation, let yourself being absorbed by the information that transformed you. Actor that served a sacred object/spirit, that contains "somthing" more important then the actor.
2= Identification/ “to be”= like the spirit of the mask: When you get some information about the life of the mask then rise the mask until the level of your face, so you start to explore by walking together, making the same expression with the mask, to follow the mask as your guide “to be” lively present. Exploring the voice, the process of adjusting your self with the mask physically, emotionally, mentally (spirit and thought). When you feel that you have given life elements to the mask, you feel ready to become some one else, offering necessary elements that the mask asked you, only then you are ready to put the mask on your face, facing the world, the life surround through the look of the mask.
3= Entering the spirit:Holding the mask with one hand, higher than the level of your face, both mask and you facing the same direction, and then holding it with both hand, so you find yourself in the position of honouring the mask with profound respect. The mask stay fix in a place, you move your self (your face) toward the mask so your face meeting in contact with the back face of the mask. Important to adjust the look of the mask = your look, and your look for mask, look at the world no through the holes of the mask's eyes.
For half mask, to adopt the form of the lips of the mask with yours so the upper lips of the mask meet harmoniously with the lower lips of yours. Speaking then becomes the articulation of both (mask and you). Two parts make one life speak through .....  Actor play? or played by the spirit of the mask ....hmmm what a task !!! a journey start...bon voyage !
To be one. To become someone.... the same one  (similar). If not...hmmm what a shame !
Life starts differently in you when the mask sticks on your face. Tapel=topéng= a balinese word, means something to cover your face.
Either you hide your self behind the mask (you lost time uselessly), or to give your life to the mask for a period of time (you become useful) as an actor, as a servant, to serve the desires of mask and you (mind the % ), the movement, life-energy, emotions, even the thought of the mask. Acting then become the way to be, or not to be as the mask, the character, the spirit ask you how to be, become another but you still in, completely in, devoted.

How to detach a mask from your face: first release the elastic link by moving the elastic/robe from your back head with one hand (active hand*) then hold the mask with both hand steady on the same place the same level, move your face and your body lower backward so you find yourself in a posture of holding an honorable "thing", act of honoring the mask (the manifested spirit) above you.
Hold the mask with your passive/receptive* hand, face to face, the points of the active* fingers meet the third eye to release and move the spirit of the mask back to the third eye of the mask.
This ritualistic gesture is necessary to refine the quality of “to be” in acting, so a way to ceremony, celebration, building up a tradition, rooted deep toward the centre, the origin.

if you write with right hand, right is active/yang, left is receptive/yin; or vice-versa.
Tapa Sudana, 13 oct 2000 11H46, up dated 20 january 2006.

Here is one of my memories on mask, European tour of "La sorcière de Dirah" choreo/directed by Sardono W. Kusumo in 1974. In our Balines tradition, we used to give offering to the mask in Bali. Even when Mr. Pugra, the old master was in Paris, he gives offering every morning food to his masks, coffee and bread with butter and jam before he eat his breakfast. He put his mask on a higher place always, because he (like all Balinese) consider the mask as a sacred living object that has a spirit in it. By giving offering, is also to awaken the spirit in the "object" being offered. It is one way to do daily "training/rehearsal". Actor ask permission first to the spirit of the mask before he performs, in order not being "condemned" by the spirit that dwells in the mask. Analogically give understanding also to actor, how they should honor words.....words can sentences actors.  A Balinese mask is made of wood, it was a living material, so living material can habited/dwelled by living spirit. Actor serves the spirit that carries actor.
While touring with a show in 1974, with Balinese masters and dancers, actors, musicians, singers, 4 children from Java and Bali with the group of Sardono W Kusumo,"La sorcière de Dirah", one of our singer got a headache. No way to get rid of her pain in her head. Then one night, she dreamed about a mask in our show. She did offering for that particular mask. By chance or by miracle, later, her head ache is gone away. Believe or not, this could be also just a coincidence. To be lived or not to believe, anyway actor act, start from "if", that invisible, it could be an idea on an imagination, that not yet born into reality. How to be, Ahh, there are many ways. Actor has no choice than to believe what he/she does and give life to a dead letters that sleeps in book, give life to a mask, .... it is an art of unbelievable believed. Bon voyage. Follow the life with light that guide you to harmony with others around you.

who i am? hmmm Claude interviewed and Rizal did the filming and put it in youtube to share....once upon a time, in my family house garden in Montreuil....

Topeng dance (mask) in Paris in late 1980's ...
with Gamelan Indonesian Embassy directed by Dewa Putra Diasa.
with Yita Dharma, Elisabeth Cecchi (Théâtre Zô), Mas Soegeng, Tapa Sudana.

Photos "Tribuana theatrical workshops", Tapa Sudana

Here are some photos of Tribuana theatrical workshop of Tapa Sudana. Workshop Tribuana since 1979 in Italia, France, Greece, Suisse, Amsterdam, Spain, Bogota and Caracas. This photos hopefully to be added gradually, to give some image of the work.