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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tri Buana Theatre Calender 2006

The way of TriBuana Theatre is itinerant. We just finish a session from 11th – 17th April 2006, at Teatro La Luna nel Pozzo, of Robert McNeer and Pia Wachter in Ostuni, Italia, every Easter period.

Paris workshop organized by Olivier Richard, Théâtre Métamorphoses, fromp 2nd – 6th may 2006, see http://artmeta.free.fr/ ; There will be a workshop being programmed in July.

Next meeting, workshop in Athens organized by Sandra Mavroidis, 10th – 14th of june 2006. sandralala9@yahoo.gr,

In August will be at Teatro Montevaso, from 22nd – 27th of August 2006, please see http://www.montevaso.it/tao.html#laboratori.
This period will be dedicated on mask, building up the character and story to be improvised. Participants should bring their own mask and the dress for the character. At the end of those five days, there will be an open door work presentation.

From 11 - 15 septembre 2006, workshop in Napoli, Italy. Contact : agostinoriitano@libero.it see also http://www.efesti.org/

From 13 - 17 october 2006, workshop in island Aegina, beautiful island of Greece, contact: Chorafas Christina, OIKIA KARAPANOU, oikiak@yahoo.gr or Stella Christodoulopoulou at stella_christo@hotmail.com

To read more information on TriBuana theatre/work please see two other blogs:
http://www.blog.ca/tapasudana , blog in French, some information on CHAMPA, everybody can participate morning exercise freely in the park, only in good weather, every Saturday morning from 11H00 to 12H30.
and http://theatretribuana.blogspot.com

Hope to see you there.

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