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Monday, April 10, 2017

TRIBUANA : Way of life, Way of pondering, of perception, of expression and inner mastering

updated: 26 march 2018, 22:56
TriBuana = 3 Worlds
To consider human as / in 3 parts: 
  1. body, logo form: square  relate to movements
  2. energy of life, logo form: circle, relates to emotions, many colorful emotion to master and to enjoy.
  3. spirit/intellect, logo form: triangle, relate to the magical invisible CREATOR.

To see not only human being in 3 parts, fundamentally but also any presentation, any problem, any reality in 3 possible forms as water performs: solid, liquid, steam, and to represent those 3 parts in 3 logos: triangle, circle, and square. Each symbolic form links to other "system of 3" as we can see in images below. 

So, how to see human being in a "logo/ icon" of 3 essential parts.
How human grow from birth to death?
What transformation in their "tribuana"? body/form, emotion/energy of life, intelligence/mind.

As human face transforms continuously, it take one life : from birth to death.
But water , by temperature, can have 3 forms, and its wisdom teaches us: be firm as ice, be flexible and flowing/liquid as water, be invisible and powerful as steam.

contemplating one life, from my birth 21 september 1945, till ..... now
what have I done to feed, to maintain, to transform in better state my TriBuana?
photo 1960 and 1964
My family, parents, father (with black sun eye-glass) with 2 wives and 13 children, 
i am the first born.
my family, I am the eldest of my Father's 13 children of 2 wifes.

photo avril 2017.

photo 2018

To consider tribuana of human, 
here an icon.

I have conducted Tribuana theatrical workshop in France, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, Italia, Greece, Tchad (nDjamena), Bogota, Caracas, from 1989 -2011. In the beginning, the workshop under title: "awaken and cultivated expression of the 3 worlds: thought, emotion and body". Then the worlds of 3 worlds is replace by Tri Buana, Tribuana.
From 1979-1989, workshop on movement based on Silat Bangau Putih (Indonesian Martial Art White Crane), Balinese Topeng (mask dance).

Now as I am retired officially in France, as actor, the work still continues, my duty in serving Tribuana Way is still maintained, daily, as way of life. I am keeping my gate of chat (share) open to those who want to continue the way.Time to time the past participants of Tribuana workshop come to me by Facebook link, by skype, by Whatsapp, email, telephone and other internet means.

Time carries another "époque", another climate, and young generation searching new goal. Money is the first main concerning. Time of wandering, searching seems limited by the means (money) and time. There are another type on interest, attention. In this beginning of 3rd millennium where means /matter/ money/ material dependent become first determinant-parameter of need in life (the square of Tribuana), to maintain good balance in life, we need to master mind and ambition + emotion.

A necessity to make a group of people that has interest in sharing daily Tribuana-exercises, reflexion, fruit of contemplation. Tribuana theater workshop has gathered 28 fields of exploration, that can be called: lesson. 

If there are people has an ability to organize group meeting for Week End, or more intensive residential meeting, I am happy to share my harvest, past time experience. I invite you to see Tribuana blogs, video, and interview. 

Here are some words to type for searching in Google: tribuana, lessons, workshop, tapasudana.
In Youtube: workshop tribuana, tapasudana, gym tribuana, impro 3 mots tribuana, tribuana interview, tapa sudana interview.
in Facebook: tapasudana;

What kind of work, what kind of workshop to do, what kind of group of work to create to keep harmonious way of living on this dearest planet EARTH entering third millennium. We need to have parameter of being how to be, how to conduct oneself in life with others and with environment, not a blind believe, as we see now be internet media that religions can not give people live in peace together. Let see Jerusalem with 3 religion. A nation need a constitution, honoring democracy, national law to respect, and wisdom. Wisdom is to understand others, surrounding and nature, GREAT NATURE.
For that, here some parameter that Tribuana has gathered:
1: The 5 finger Tribuana, is a kind of personal vow, five important reference in life.
2: There are 9 steps Tribuana to be considered, klick this: 9 STEPS TRIBUANA, 5 VOWS
I create an exercise with a stick (tongkat) that contain can be use as stretching exercise for heath, tai-chi tribuana tongkat, "meditation", group work. Have a look this blog: TRIBUANA TONGKAT.

Pondering a life time, part of cyclic birth-death-birth-...... by the name os Samsara-Phunarbhawa, repeated carnation-incarnation, awaken one awareness to consciousness to CONSCIOUSNESS, let's consider this one and the only chance now, this ONE LIFE we have, from birth to death, all wark to do in life is to prepare "how to die" so how to be in a state of sparkling - bliss en every cycle of breath. 
Air is the first important "food", good care lungs, then water, then, solid food, then "fire" = heat = SUN (from where life and 9 planets derived from, all is being sustained by AKASA ("ether"), brand way to eternal truth.  

What to evolve in life?

What type of life are one deal with?

what is the means?
what is the aim, the goal of life?

What is the criteria of satisfaction? of happiness? to celebrate together ! !!!