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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

some Hints/Thoughts for Participant of Tribuana theatrical workshop

dear participants,
here are some thoughts:
to form and transform oneself to become an actor-tribuana
is to work on the movement,
working on musicality (playing one musical instrument at least),
working on the energy (emotional, energy of life),
working on thought expression (expression in word/ in making sentence, expressive-emotional sentence or saying an opinion or solving life problem),
working with hand to produce instrument of work, props, puppets, simple sets, ...

Working on tribuanic element of human being, human expressive instruments is also doing exercise body, emotional/energy and thought. Exercise takes sometimes years to be able to use it naturally correct.

To understand is not enough. Understanding must produce action, to make the idea invisible/ real/ become reality to live.

Producing "the essential" that useful for human universally is one of the goal of a performer.

Tribuana propose 22 lessons to be practiced everyday, some takes three months, or three years, or one ..... life time or two ... depend on the criteria of satisfaction.

The goal of tribuanic-theatre is health (thought, energy of life and body) in harmony with surroundings, is life: daily life.

So, participants must bring instruments for work like tongkat/wood stick, mask, musical instrument, ... etc.

For doing Silat, white-T shirt and white pantaloon/ jogging pan.

...... (to be continued)

tapa sudana
2 april 2008