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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stick to the master, Tongkat Tribuana, salutation before working on the stick/Tongkat.

This text has its complete images that you may see in my other blog, please find it in: http://www.blog.ca/tapasudana

Some references:

1) To act, to work. Go on ..., flow on ...., to follow a guide.
2) Standing still vertically; spread feet to find a firm, deep and well-rooted sensation. Base of the hands, near to the sternum, holding lower end of the stick vertically, fore arms horizontal. Breathe deeply and profoundly as if you smell the perfume of a blooming-flower.
3) Finding the right moment. Release the pressure on the stick, press it to stop just before the stick touches the ground (as close as possible to the ground)
4) Repeat three times exercise no.3. Observe every times your comment. Remain undisturbed in success and failure.
5) Stick salute.
I) Stand, feet parallel close to each other, stick vertical on the right side of the body holding by the root of your thumb and index, right palm facing the ground. Left palm touching the navel.
II) Left hand open palm upward move forward down and up, breathe in, curve down palm facing ground, breathe out, until palm at HARA level (4-5 fingers below the navel), follows by slight bending of the knee to get a sensation as if you are sitting on the mountain, end of breathing out. During II) words to say in the mind: “earth and sky accompany my action”.
“Here I am begin to act always like a beginner, sit on the mountain, sky and earth, create inside myself a way from me to you: the knowledge, the wisdom, the master, the stick animate my being”.

III) Right foot slide forward and backward to wipe the edge of the stick back, the stick turn 360°+45° while the left hand move elegantly from navel - palm upward – front – wave down – up (to suggest and indicate the metamorphose of the material energy to emotional, to intellectual and at last spiritual energy) - left hand palm upward at the level of the forehead, suggesting a posture of someone offer and receive at the same time, left food stretch loosely forward heel on the ground, right leg bend carrying the most weigh of the body.
“Actor move/articulate the stick, stick articulate the actor and his/her three worlds (thought, emotion, body), entirely involve, to move his/her immobility, curves a posture, an attitude of the one who offer and receive at once, the grace and creative habit.
IV) Left hand hold the upper-edge of the stick front-up-right of the head, moving diagonally down-left until left side of the left hip, right hand in front-right of right shoulder vertically palm facing left ready to push the stick to left shoulder, weigh to front leg so left leg bend, right leg stretch behind.
V) Right hand (vertical) move horizontally to the left in front of your face like wipe-away cloud of thought, stop in front of left shoulder, fine inner smile, at the same time right foot from back move to front to joint left foot, parallel, standing straight.
“Cleaning the 5 perceptions in order to be able always to perceive everything clearly, see through the future”
VI) Stick between the root of thumb and index of right hand, palm downward, right hand sliding up until the third-eye level. Breathe in.
VII) Right hand move down with the stick, breathe out, until lower edge of the stick 1 mm from the ground, equivalent to the hand position on the level of HARA, centre of gravity/of movement. Then release the stick…sound: IKT.
“Crystallizing the perfume of the thought, colouring the blooming of the emotions, solidify the physical and strengthen the energy to initiate an action. In HARA dwells the centre of deep-action”
VIII) Start from the beginning with another side (right palm stick on navel).
6) Follow in mind one end of the stick in movement as point of reference to create rhythm while you work.
7) The stick suggests the prolongation of your consciousness.
8) Strait to the point like a stick.
9) The weigh of a stick awakens the sense of gravity.
10) If a stick gives you the sensation to be stiff, then be aware to develop your flexibility. Keep your opinion/ your personality/ your nature yet be open-minded and supple.
11) Awaken the sensation of the consciousness of your articulation, work on your joints. Articulate materials –articulate and digest food –articulate situation –articulate the three worlds.
12) A stick points a direction.
13) Tik, tak, tik, tak, making a rhythmic sound out of a circular movement.
14) Each rhythm could contain melodies. Making song with personal syllables.
15) Concentrate, keep looking at one point while walking in movement which enlarge / round consciousness. Each repeated-short-movement (Ka Ta as chanting in pray) could be done in many ways. The question is to hold in mind a definite point of reference.
16) To honour a master that hidden in a stick. What is being awakened during the work, and what remain after?
17) Linking several short movement (Ka Ta as words in sentences)  will create a long movement as a choreographic movement, as Tai Chi, as if by doing it so you do an act of praying.
18) At the end of the exercise takes time to do step no.2) and no.3) with close eyes, to observe inner sensations, messages, physical sensation. Strait naturally like a tree. Here I am between earth and sky. Smile and free, to thee. Stick to the master. A master can take a form of a stick, a mask, a sentence, a human, animal, tree, stones, invisible, ..., everywhere yet one and fulfill everything (time, space and emptiness). The quality of one master is depend on the intelligent of one's interpretation, the capacity of one's perceptions, the quality of their spirit that will manifest in one behavior.

People can say anything about you, but the truth is carried by you. Wise and high quality of someone depend on one's self. So you are not disturb by others opinion, others expression. Sometimes when we are not aware we tend to arrange and punish or mocking others instead of arranging oneself first, looking inside, keeping a natural and just behavior.

That is true that words can changes ones opinion, but we must try to understand who are those peoples that easily changed like that. Maintaining one's opinion is important in life but also with a capacity to live in harmony with others. Internet will give one access to understand the world and human behavior. Theatre work on that, on character. Is there school of cultivating human character? What does school produces? A master: who are them. In my other blog there I propose some reference of master attitudes in front of their students.

Master your emotion otherwise your emotion will master you;

A sign, a secret of a master is revealed in everyday life. The question is how to see and here and catch them, how to comprehend them in your brain, to your heart and to your action, daily action, then you may say that you understand it. Understand in Tri Buana means to be able to do, to be... or not to be? Ha haaa, hm hmmmm.

Have a good time.
Smile is not to difficult, and it help, but what is in the smile. Ponder it. Patient, go on cow, with time, grass will transform into milk. But how? For exemple: eat during the day, and ponder in the night. (Manger la journée et rumine le soir)

Montreuil, 11 February 2001 – 4 fev 2006.
Tapa Sudana
for Tribuana Way of Life.