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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tribuana Theatrical Workshop

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To know others is wisdom, to know oneself is divine-inner-wisdom way to illumination.
With inner smile; please.


Hello dear friends human, water, air, SUN-light, animal, vegetal, mineral, spirit and demons .....whatever contain universe from its BIG BANG, I am in you, you are in me, everywhere yet no where, yet now here --no where, I am offering the essence and light ray of what I have taken from this life registered by TIME and SPACE  that we share together. This magic voyage of life, the only one (there must be another life, many of them i was in in the past and will be re incarnate in the future or not), as we are dealing in this life is to BE or NOT to BE..what? As carrier of Balinese Tradition (born as I Gede Sudana, 21 september 1945, 22h00,  in Denpasar Bali, then in 1974,  I created with my father permission evolutive name: I Gede Tapa Sudana). My mother Ni Made Nurani and father I Gede Madera (he created 13 children, 8 boys and 5 girls all alive till now (8 october 2017). I am the eldest of his first wife (4 sons, 4 daughters), and second wife (4 sons, 1 daughter)
photo octobre 2017.

What is Tribuana?
In brief: Tribuana tri=3, buana=world/univers, so the 3 worlds of human being as it is manifested in human body form, there are 3 main part that sustain human life:
  1. Head symbolized by triangle.
  2. Digestive organs that transfome matter into energy of life, symbolized by circle, round, ellipse 
  3. Procreative sacred organs, symbolized by square, organ sexual=the reproductive 2 organs as ONE that each human only have half of it, a sacred tool of ancestral creativity; hmmm, take good sacred care of it, otherwise it can goes wild, rebel, a lust- ephemere -pleasure .....
Now, let us see how this 3 forms will transforms itself into a magic puppet on a stage of theater of mind (mind you, please) as marvelous technologic gadget of 3rd millennium as below.
So we see in thes image there are 2 members in top part of round form, arm, arm forces it can do war as love too, and in the base part, the square mass form has 2 members, as legs, to go from one place to other, step by step wisely, or jump with care. What are in the triangle? there are 5 surfaces and windows of perceptions that has a capacity to suck information from outside to be transform and reform into a performance in MIND. The buds of inner impulse to expressions of the 3 spheres/worlds of human: Tribuanic expression, unique.

In 1979 I start offering Balinese masque workshop in Vaison la Romain, Avignon, France. Since then, many demands came to me to give workshop in France, as in Hérisson at Footsbarn Theater, many residential workshop in Italia, Greece, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, n'Djamena/Tchad, Bogota, Caracas, participate in 7 Caminos Teatrales in Guanajuato, Mexico (conference 7 theater master 2009). There are many vidéo i made recorded by Magic TIME ofLIFE in youtube, keyword:workshop tribuana tapasudana, and some writing in blogspot.com

Picture below, show us links by logo of 3 forms, each contains informations briefly: links to life on earth, matter/mass/material/minerals, sky/light/idea.
How to incorporate and unite our three worlds?

klick here
for photos and video Workshop Granara, Italia

TRIBUANA presentation in different languages:

1: Tribuana 27 lezioni italiano, klick qui

Tribuana Way in Greek, klick here
in Greek , only 21 lessons translated, sorry.

5: Tribuana Bahasa Indonesia , klik 

is other form of perceiving and doing Tribuana workshop, as way to a temple. Marga= way, Pura = temple , Balinese words. 

there are interview has been done about Tribuana in video to see in you tube:
Tribuana interviewed 1, by Valentina Grigo at Teatro del Montevaso
for Grundtvig project of Francesca Pompeo
European Integrazione
klick here

Tribuana interview 2, klick.

Tribuana interview 3, klick

Tribuana interview 4, klick

Tribuana interview 5: klick

To see Tribuana workshop in video youtube, please use key words: tribuana, workshop, caroman, montevaso, la luna nel pozzo, melara, granara, cima grappa, theatre organic, ....
Caroman tribuana

another face of Tribuana work as theater of life, klick a blog link here.

To see human being in 3 essential parts,
here it is
how TriBuana see , consider, live and cultivate it, as the dwelling of AtMan, part of Brahman and Brahman ITSELF, the Grand invisible creator, the origine of the cosmos.

TriBuana work/way is

"To awaken and to cultivate the expression
of the 3 Worlds of human

Thought, Energy of life, Body "

(up dated 29th december 2013)
In reading this article,  please slide and klick your mouse on some letters underlined, it contains link or video or image or blog.  enjoy ...
My opinion: in Bali, the actors behave like a servant. They serve "something", something more important than themselves, they bring "that thing" into life, a story to tell, or a character to incarnate, or an object to animate(bring into life), which must be honored. In Tribuana way, an actor also gives life a song, a movement. This means that the story (or other “served thing”) is more important, more interesting, contain higher value than themselves. The story/the “thing” has already a “life”. The “hi-story” includes a better knowledge, wisdom, as well as a natural path (visible or invisible, comprehensible or incomprehensible) to follow, to celebrate, to honor.
In order to reveal this life (this mystery, this idea), the actors must mobilize all their resources, their capacity to give life, to re-incarnate those things into performed living presentation.
The work consists to wake up, to be aware, to cultivate and to unify, to celebrate the expression of the three worlds (body, energies of life, and thought) in order to arrive to a total expression through deep solution, cleverly intellectual, scientific and also sharply intuitive, analytical and global at the same time. Of course we cannot always reach those ideal-parameter, but important to be in the path that lead us to ideal destination. To be understood, that a destination will lead to the next one, next step, and so on and on, master/guide is a timeless mastering oneself in life.

A Story, a work, a theatrical creation, a hi-story must carries the three natural, creative and generating ingredients:
1. It cultivates the intelligence in a creative way in the way of the harmony; therefore, it must make people more intelligent, a bright clear brain quality. Intelligence produces not only theory, knowledge, but until knowhow, what to do, what to create!
2. It gives a long life to its essence, its existence will last beyond its presence, longer than its physical life's time, beyond the emotion, beyond this earthy energy of life. Something still alive beyond their death. The show finish, the message of the story goes on, its spirit still alive.
3. It must have the transforming (magical) effect, it transforms the actor/ the actress, the spectators and the surround (the world, "three worlds"). In a form contains informations, that transform ...... me, you and others ....

The field of exploration includes 29 lessons: (0-28)

0. Prep.
Preparation is a kind of "meditation", initiate oneself to be ready to serve , awake, present. This present is a PRESENT.

1. Silat Tribuana (based on martial arts from Indonesian Pencak Silat, PGB Bangau Putih of Bogor, West Jawa, Indonesia. Klick here a Video. I translate it as the art of survival). To foresee for this lesson, preferable to dress in white (white trousers and white T-shirt if it is possible). And another Video, Klick here.  Silat White Crane = (Persatuan Gerak Badan Bangau Putih) was created by Bapak Suhu Subur Rahardja, 25 decembre 1952 in Kebun Djukut,  Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
Founder: Subur Rahardja.

2. Tai Chi Tribuana (awareness of the movements, profound attention, carrying out to the conscience of the physical articulation and energy = chi=prana=Ki in a natural flow). Finer energy used than Silat Tribuana. Some videos as references, find in youtube Gym Tribuana, klick one of them, more than 70's...

3. Chi Kung Tribuana , this exercises contains physical and mental involvement, images, deep sense, link with cosmic energy, fine, subtle, powerful, grand, calmly & peacefully done, finer energy than in Tai chi Tribuana; Klick here for video for example 

4. Koukoul Djagat, the work of percussions inspired by the Kodo (Japanese drum), to exert the work in  ritualistic manner, on rhythm (personal & group), endurance, force, voices of the Three Worlds. The instrument of Kodo must be built. Here one video during workshop in Italia, teatro del Montevaso 
I have the chance to work on that big KODO Japanese Drum during the creation on Mahabharata of Peter Brook in Paris, 9 month rehearsal, 9 hours performance, with world tour in 1985-86.

5. Yoga Tribuana: being in a static posture, to awaken sensitivity of posture (asana) and be aware of breathing and sensation, which makes it possible to feel the interior impulse, which carries out an actor to the action and the realization. A static posture is a name of the character to play, to incarnate.

6. Pranayama Tribuana, exercises of breathing; inspiration and expiry of energy (to perceive and try out various kinds of energies); aware of 2 phases in breathing: expire, empty, inspire, holding full.

7. Daily practice of some exercises of Taoist health. This exercise engages: the image, the movement, the sound and mental activities (images) in link with the energy of life such as emotions, the organs of digestion, the 5 elements, the colours... etc). Thank to Mantak Chia's 6 healing sounds, , i have the chance to follow his teaching by master Juan Li in Paris, Montpellier, France. Here one of his Video. For actors that using emotional expression, need to take good care of emotional energy of life, used in art of theater, to give life a character to play.

8. Tongkat: (original creation of Tribuana way by TapaSudana) The work of the stick; the actors handle the stick and play with and be played by the stick/tongkat;  repeating some precisely determined movements. The exercise of the stick is inspired by the martial arts for the aim of warming-up, health maintenance, work in group, meditation, and to awaken the feeling to be "ready to follow" (in the direction where the actor must serve, follows and gives life to a character or a story). The participant invited to bring with them a stick (of wood ) 35 mm in diameter, a length equal to that which separates the feet from the eyebrows (third eye). There are blog on Tongkat Tribuana, with video link, klick here.

9. Mask work. Mask is considered as personal belonging, personal instrument of expression and considered as sacred object. Participants are suggested to bring their personal mask.  Video on mask Ritual tribuana, Balinese ritual.  Mask dance, in Paris, klick for video  My father made "nose mask" Topeng cunguh.  Penasar, Punta Kartala, topeng Bali avec Soegeng  image/photo mask TapaSudana at Picasa

10. Puppet, Objects (props), like tools of expression or accessory to tell a history.   Photo of puppets tribuana.   Puppet show i have done and create together with 2 other participants, klick here please;

11. Work with the musical instrument /percussion. Sound as "tool" for story telling. Sound as energy to use in expression.

12. Kéchak Tribuana: The story of kechak from Bali was a vocal chorus of all the villagers who take part in this dance/ trance of Bali, for goal to move away the contagious mortal diseases, negative/ destructive energy, or the natural disaster who threaten to destroy the life of the people, animal or vegetal. This "chorus/ dance" in Sanghyang “dance ritual” from Bali, will give the possibility to the actors to work on the voice, on the collective rhythms, on the conscience and the energy of the group. It is a work on the harmonization, wakes up personal cosmic energy in a group for cures, for joy, for healthiness, for happiness of the life. Nowadays, this Kechak dance has become a very popular tourist attraction. A video on kechak exploration during Tribuana workshop in Italia, Granara.

13. Ethnic music. The actor is moved, danced and by ethnic music, by singing songs from various countries could be developed into improvisation. Ethnic song as theme of improvisation for movement and story to improvise. The sound of an ethnic instrument carries ethnic treasure, ancient seeds to taste and to grow. Collection of Tribuana ethnic song, klick here.

14. Bayu Swara, a work on the sacred syllables - the sound – personal inner voice: to find, to give birth to a syllable each day. A syllable corresponds to a sound and is made up of only one vowel and 1 to 4 consonants. The progression of this work, the composition of the syllable, develops in such a way that the first day syllable will give birth to the syllable of the second day; the syllable/ the reality of the second day gives life to the syllable/reality of the third day, etc. Video on Tripass and Bayuswara, at Tribuana Cima Grappa retreat,  2013. To examine the mystery of sacred syllable, is to be aware of the instrument of voice, what produce sound in you, Tribuana propose you to be aware of your physical/material in your mouth: as teeth, lips, palate, throat, vocal cord, breath. Lips produce :m, p, b. Lip+teeth produce:v,f. Teeth+tongue produce: t, d,n. Front edge of tongue+palate produce: n, t, d.  Middle tongue+palate produce: zz, sh, (different language different notation, pleas explore with full awareness on your "tool for making sound" in your mouth. G, K is produce by throat cartilage. H produce by breath. S produce by tongue,teeth, breath, etc, etc, In this picture below, vowels can be associated in a direction. Consonants makes sound if they joint with vowel. From lips to throat, there are place/organs/elements of sound. Please feel which organs (lips, teeth, tongue, palate, throat, breath) produce what consonant/sound. Quality of sound, emotion of sound, power of sound, is to be explored in mind, emotion, etc.

15. Autumn leaves or crystal thought. To meditate on (to contemplate) short sentences which are to be regarded as the crystal of the thought, fruits of contemplation. To reflect and exchange opinions, to discuss subject/ problem in a group, all these activities are the field where the thought can be cultivated and involved in order to produce a common theatrical language, a common creation based on common understanding/comprehension, common experiences, clarify the common destination/goal in action. I made song out of that words, a singing wisdom/hints.

16. A work in the group and on the group: aware of oneself being member of a group, to remember, serving the centre of the common interest of the group, it is necessary to know "the magic and mysterious thing which binds us together", to feel the common energy, the common impulse/ common intension, which will give an animated spirit for story to be told, which will be then shared publicly. Aware of one common “thing/energy/story” to develop; at the same time the actors remain open, alert, sincere, essential, therefore simple and direct to participate in creation. To understand/to comprehend "theatrically" is to be in an creative action. A tribuanic-actor who says, "I understood", they must be able to do "something", to make real, to realize their spoken idea, to carry out their comprehension into action, creative creation.

17. A work on improvisation, common creation, that relate with the work in/on a group. In this work 3 steps must be considered well: 1, knowing/comprehending the participants, 2, creating a common theatrical language and 3, choosing/working on “subject” in common to serve/to feed it together that link the member of the group, that must be honored, that is more important then themselves during that improvisation. Improvisation in a spirit of celebration.

18. Story telling, story which are told by participants, or by myself, who will give place then to improvisations. To find a common language to explore and build together. To give life to a story consists in finding together the inner impulse of the story inside us, a work where the sharing is experienced.

19. TOTEM Tribuana A totem is an object/material composition, in tribuanic manner which one develops by adding object/something to the previous composition; the work is like feeding everyday reality.  In a residential workshop, totem will be visited any moment, could be presented the last day of the workshop in open door session. The totem can be personal or collective. The totem can be made inside or outside in the nature. A totem can find its origin or/and initiated by a place or by an idea, which needs objects to make it real. It is a work to find the spirit of the objects, the energy of a place, the magic of a building, a charismatic present of an " evolutive sculpture". To see some image, photo of TOTEM TRIBUANA, klick here.

20. TRIPASS TRIBUANA. When the spirit of the totem concentrates on a piece of paper, it becomes an image, a drawing in one page and series of syllable in the next page, which is built with the passing days by daily adding a form or a line of colour and a sacred syllable. It is what is called: the Compact Disk of the personal identity or Diskette or Tribuana Passport (Tripass)

21. An introduction to ritual, by honoring the instruments of work, workspace and environment. Let us make some references, on RITUAL, is action you do with the sense and the present of spirit, act of respect, honor, aware of the mysterious invisible power of Cosmos Almighty. There are "ritual", how to enter to a time-space of work, how to start. It is none in relation to "religion" as religion now is ill treated, politicly driven, personal ambition and interpretation has make it filthy, dirty. A ritual is created in this Tribuana workshop to the way of "personal religion", relate to all presence: material, energy, magic.  A place where we work will be called and transform into: DO JO in Japanese way or MARGA PURA in Balinese words. The place is regarded as a place where one cultivates a WAY (path) of LIVE, PATH-WAY OF KNOWLEDGE, cultivate a way / manner of being. Each one takes care  of the curing  of place of work, and share/ participate its maintenance, to clean it, to put it in order before and after the work together.  There will be special exercise awaken the smell of ritual:  "cleaning the space" à la Tribuana. The preparation Marga Pura is depend on the work/lesson to come, and it will develops the work of group and awaken the sense of awareness, personal duty, and responsibility. Home made Tribuana ritual? video to klick here 

22. Bayu Panah Tribuana, is inspired by Kyu-Do of Japanese ceremonial archery. This work needs bow (Japanese bow of bamboo ideally) and arrow and target, or we may use elastic to replace the present of bow. Students need to bring those instruments. a photo of it, klick here. There are some sequences of movement to be repeated every time in a ceremonial manner and intense concentration, there are 8 steps before releasing an arrow (8 hasetsu). Total awareness is to be developed.  Video of my one-ma-show, Roma 1992 with kyu-Do, klick here 

23. Questionnaire -Tribuana: working on expression (in writing) of three parts of life-time: Participants of Tribuana expression workshop are invited to fill a questionnaire, a shared information , personal, professional, short essential-characteristic CV, as far as your openness to be expressed/exposed.

PAST : (what are your ancestral heritage, c.v, education, important workshop being done, important accident, past important experiences);
PRESENT :(job for living, what are you doing now in present living-time, what do you like to explore among 27 "lessons");
FUTURE : (what are you like to be in the future, your dreams, your ideal goal in life .... have the courage and sincerity to express not being afraid or shy to write if your were able or not able to reach it).

The past will make you sure to be present, and the future will attrack the present, hopefully with joy.
To see in symbol Tribuana questionnaire, see this picture below.

Notabene: opening, offering, determine the entrance. What you get depend on your openness. Information transforms.

24. Personal dialoog ou multiloog with Tapa Sudana. The meeting is to share essence of experience, to find answer of personal problem, to pro-pose one's opinion, one's advise, one's parameter/reference of life, how to be or not to be, what to take what to ignore, to channel one's thought and action in a direction. A dialectique conversation, between 2 there are the third to develop together.

25. Post-note tribuana. This field/lesson tribuana was born after Easter Retreat at Casa Natura Alpenise, Cima Grappa, Italia, 28 march-1 april 2013.  Eventhough the workshop is finish already, i still open impression/question exchange, by mail, skype, Facebook, as participants wish.  For exemple, klick here

26. Gerak nuraga/Nurani, Olah Nuraga, Gerak Pranatman, ... Microcosmic dance ? A video to see? please Klick.
This field to explore as lesson, as exercise, as ritual, as food, tribuana food, seems to me came from my past research in Jogyakarta, with Bengkel Teater W.S.Rendra, that time, 1970, Bengkel's actors called it "Gerak Indah" = "Artistic/beautiful movement" for the first groups, and then with Rendra's second group in Jogyakarta, Indonesia, we explored "Gerak Nurani", Inner voice movement. In my memories, may be i have introduced and have done exploration on this work in Athens, in an archeological ancient ruin, late afternoon before sundown, with tribuana participants. A strange looking man ( look like hermit) passed by, and stop in a distance  watching us, and at the end of our "Gerak Nurani", he came to me, saying:" you should not do this movement here, you are lucky, not many people pass by here" .....he passed away mysteriously.
For this work space climate/ambience is important as part of the guide/parameter. Every participants will bloom their Atmic (Atman)-bud (/grain), in their own spring time. Spring time can be created together in space, time, situation and participants.  To start this work , we need to initiate it from lesson 0. Prep.  a kind of Zero state mind meditation. Zero vocabulary. is it possible? hmmm, I don't know, but we are marching toward it, to find a "way" in no way. Vegetarian is a step to maintain, and has been started before, to purify the fine inner impulse that open, spring from inner impulse into a posture,  posture into movement, into voice, into image, into word .. sentences ... it is a sacred celebration, personal, or in a group. The 5 vows is useful for mastering the moment of action. The criteria of cosmic symphony is being formed at that very moment, in evolution, in togetherness with others around you. An astonish moment, flowing and being flowed by prana, pnefma, chi, ki of life. All criteria/vocabulary of dance are to be omitted.No more right nor wrong, beauty nor ugly, like nor dislike, .... so ...."that's it, tat twam asi.

27. Impro Tribuana 3 words,  let spring 3 words just instantly without much thinking, and from that improvise a song, composing lyric and music; eventually it can grow into movement, dance; the work is how to find a natural link from one word to other word. The 2 words as parents (masculine and feminine, or yin and yang, or positive and negative electric charge) will produce link for/to arrive at 3rd word, and then the 3 will produce Koan, Hai Ku, poem, sentences, story. How to grow, to nurture, tu cultivate those 3 words in this fields/ garden/ lesson? KEKAYUN can be a guide.
etc; can be found more by the 3 words above as key.

28. KEKAYUN, Tree of Sentence, Tracing how grows one's words into sentence, that mirroring oneself, that sentence has power to sentence the speaker and the listener. The master for this field/lesson is "the tree". Observe how tree grows as aware how one aware words flow from the mouth, grows mirroring it image with "what tree?", grows like mono-spinal tree ( christmas tree, cedar tree (etc. alike) or tree that wildly uncontrolled branching in all direction (banyan tree), free to grow its branches as light and space offer/attracts (banyan tree, etc alike).

 This work need a quiet peaceful mind in order to respect and honor the "will" of 1 word, 2 words, 3 words .....etc. Words can be considered as a living spirit, as mater can be brought into life (awaken the spirit of life) by an "actor", actor present to awaken a deadly mater, deadly body of human, puppet, object, mask, etc. To honor the meaning of a word, to taste its sounds that composed by....? the consonants and vowels in it. Here a turning point, a departure point one will deal with the magic of "spiritual way", that has been explored by many religion. Speaking about spirituality by the path of religion, it is a personal way. We see now in the beginning of the 3rd millennium, diversity of religions can not offer peace in a certain society, to live in community of diversity (like Indonesia 15000 islands with different ethnic, language, tradition, belief, religions, culture, ...) Look at around Jerusalem, with 3 religions, no peace that can last for ...... Then, following the path of "spirit" (Atman), how life comes in matter, from dead cell to living cell. Peace in a place and in one-self, demands many parameter as: appropriate climate, so the magic can occur. What is the other side of peace? When peace follows by war, war need guns sssssss ......Why advanced nations  (rich, wealthy materially) keep producing weapons, even atomic,  on this round earth of diversity? Why?
Exemple in making sentence:
" i want to go to a city  ......etc"
" i want to go to a city that where I can find someone that ..... etc 
" i want to go to a city that where I can find someone that teach me..... etc.

You see how the sentence grow, how the word comes to joint the written sentence........ ???
What are the need of the first word?
And a line of words chained as sentence already written (reality to grow), sentence (not yet finish/complete) will be completed .....

Kekayun, kekayon, a figure that the DALANG (puppeteer) dance/move/gives life on the screen of shadow play WAYANG, in the beginning of the shadow-show.

Kekayon (Bali),

 Gunungan (Java)

(to be continued) 

It is impossible to do all these 29 fields/lessons during the workshop (0-28), but we may explore and taste each of it during the first 2 days, and then you are free to work deeper on one or some of them. How? We will decide it together with the time, space, and instruments. A Residential workshop is better time to work on Tribuana.

If, theatre is the "diamond of the life", its goal should be to crystallize the experience of life into luminous memory. Memory creates vocabulary, language and instruments of expression. By awaken and cultivating the expression of the "three worlds" (tribuana = body, living energy, thought), we follow the way of the harmony with nature, adapting their reality to the needs of the space, time and situation; To remember and well considered, where you come from (departure point) and where to go (destination). Time, is a book, where you record life, line of destiny, in life there are work and all information.

Destiny carried by character, character build by habit, habit is created in daily action, repeated work/ action, action comes from "good-right" thought/idea. So from idea (what you have in mind) to destiny, there are work to do.

An actor (Tri Buana) must be in good health (tribuanicly: mind, energy and body), in the way of harmony, in order to be able to animate the story (which animates them) and to offer it to the public that came to share the authentic account of the hi-story.

For participants Tribuana, it is worth and respectful to cultivate
this 5 ways.promise, rules, vow, ....(depend on your involvement), the 5 fingers Tribuana:

Tribuana actors references, klick here

Tribuana master references, klick here

Brahman signifies the imperishable supreme. The realm of the SELF is the pure clear liberated essence of ones being. To ACT is to be on the way of the manifestation of the creative process, which leads the invisible BEING to existence (REALIZATION).
Inspired by Bhagavad Gita, song VIII, 3.

Tapa Sudana,
Montreuil, updated on 29 december 2013, 22h05
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Tribuana Workshop 2014
opening way to Marga Pura
18-21 April 2014 in Italia
Casa San Stefano di Melara

Workshop Tribuana way in 2010

Madrid 22-24 January 2010, at Elencoactoral of Jorge Gurpegui
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Athens, 24-28 March 2010
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Ostuni, Italia, at La Luna nel Pozzo , 24-29 april 2010, canceled information: click here
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Patras, Greece, 19-23 may 2010
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28 may- 2 june 2010
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15-21 july 2010
Contact: Francesca & Enrico Pompeo
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24-29 july 2010
Artimbanco Teatro - Villa Guerrazzi
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In September
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Workshop calender 2008:
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Ostuni, Bari, Italia, org. by La Luna nel Pozzo, Robert McNeer and Pia Wachter, 
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Athens, org. by Manolis Karyotakis 
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Aegina, Greece, will be in april 21-25th, 2008 by Christina Chorafas contact 0030 2 29 70 26 885, oikiak@yahoo.gr

Roma, still in process to be held in April from 3-7, org. by teatro Ygramul, contact 39 06 41229951, 39 3314703950, amaralina@libero.it and info@ygramul.net

In Paris, a Tribuana teatre manifestation will be organized by Compagnie pour l'Artisanat des Menteurs , in may from 24-25, contact: Sébastien Rabbé, 06 87 77 65 66, 08 70 37 93 93, sebrb@hotmail.com

at Teatro del Montevaso: http://www.teatrodelmontevaso.it/ Workshop Tribuana from 8-13 august 2008, contact:Francesca Pompeo
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The last workshop Tribuana is a Retreat Tribuana in Italia
28 march - 1st april 2013, Easter-Retreat Tribuana at Cima Grappa Italia
org. by Antonio Cargnello ; Sara Celeghin. 
from Teatro Invisibile, ++39 329 5667182, ++39 328 4185372, info@teatroinvisibile.it in a house around the snow on the summit of a hill 4 april 
Workshop con Tapa Sudana, Progetto Marga Pura.
Workshop intensivo e residenziale con Tapa Sudana
dal 18 al 21 Aprile 2014 presso Casa S.Stefano di Melara (Rovigo)
per informazioni su organizzazione e costi:
antoniocargnello @ gmail.com
329 5667182

I Gede Tapa Sudan and father I Gede Madera

photo avril 2017.
My father (white beard) and his 2 wives (extreme left & right) and his 13 children.

Here is a video of Bayuswara Tribuana Cima Grappa 2013
klick please to see video

Next Tribuana Residential Workshop,
 will be in the mountain of Parma, Italia, 
organized by Federico Picciani,
2 workshop of 3 days, from 1-8 september 2016.
Unfortunately: this workshop is canceled.

A bit of myself, life-time record, where I was born, my parents, ancestor's tradition ....


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