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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tribuana Actor's references, Steps of work and other considerations.

up dated 5 February 2014, 08h09

To open the way of “the three worlds”/TRIBUANA

in reality, master and student is the mysterious dwelling of knowledge, ever-change, always being transformed.....
Be aware of big head, to open large tool of 5 perceptions to feed well our brain's intelligence in interpretation .....

Tapa Sudana proposes :

1. Concentration, to be here now, follow the center, always with the center.
2. Perception, observation, - five senses; perceive through 5 senses.
3. Experiences, memories, vocabularies, ready tools/instruments to be used.
4. Imagination, association, mental power.
5. Expression, letting grow.
from 1 – 5 concentrates on the actor's preparation/inner work. Gathering information, preparing vocabulary of transmitted expression.
6. Projection, sharing, transmission. In this step start communicating, aware of spectators. Third element: destination!
7. Rhythm, life Aware of surrounding.Absorbing reality in action with ease, at ease. Connaissance in playfullness.
8. Essence. Extract the essentials, the meaning. Finding the light of knowledge/ of "the art".
9. Harmony, Nature, Universe, Cosmos, Yug/Yoga, Tao where being disappear and appear.
Natural symphony.

THE FIVE VOWS/WISHES/DESIRES/CONDITIONS (comes from Master Subur Rahardja, Indonesian Master on Martial art, Silat PGB Bangau Putih, Bogor, Indonesia)
1. To respect and cultivate one’s nature/personality/Character/profession.
2. To be just, honest, sincere. as natural possible.
3. To honor one’s knowledge/profession/ one's Art.
4. To be in harmony with others and the surroundings. Larger consideration in acting.
5. Mastering oneself. To be-come one's own Master.

  1. The three worlds: body, emotion, thought. Tribuana.
  2. yin-yang, positive –negative, up–down, in-out world, past-future, left-right. Duality rreference.
  3. Jo – Ha – Kiu : start(birth)-development( forward climax) -conclusion (metamorphose).
  4. Natural cycle: Spring – summer – autumn – winter.
  5. Birth/start – life – death/finish.
  6. Gift/talent - -effort/work – chance/destiny.
  7. Rhythm – melody – accord / harmony.
  8. Space/place – time – situation.
  9. Thought - speech - action
  10. Inner impulsion – bones – action.
  11. Actor – story/message – spectator. Three principal theatrical elements, to be aware in acting.
  12. Movement, song/music, text
  13. Origin/root – the way –the aim –criteria of satisfaction/fulfill ness.
  14. Musicality: rhythm, melody, harmony/accord.
  15. In theatre, space and what are present in it, are responding: the reality and the idea are the guide.
  16. To be or not to be, flow to follow, be a follower, good fellow. Not over or below in acting, but just flow naturally. 3 elements to be aware of: human/actor of life, surrounding, "God Creator".
  17. How to be on stage when time and space in action?
  18. Regret, can't get it again. Forget! Alert and aware: money, knowledge, in joy is in TIME. In present there is great PRESENT, to make the past and the future now with you in mind to live NOW an intense present: Tribuanicly. 
  19. Idea gives birth to action, daily action makes character, character carries destiny. Destiny? up to mind. So, mind you, dear friend! smile.....

There are words of wisdom to learn by heart, you may download the mp3 from these links:


Words of Wisdom Tribuana collection, klick here.

Points of reference, wise words, proverbs, the law of nature, the crystal of thought, the fruit of contemplation, maxims, and other things that could be considered as the parameter of truth are worth to carry in mind, to remind that action should be just, to be or not to be but how,……….

Pour des repaires d'acteur en Français
avant tout, prononcer ceci, si vous êtes capable:
"je suis celui qui suit, donc j'y suis"
ha haa, sourire

cliquer SVP ici pour la dernière mis-à-l'heure.

per la strada di tre mondi:
1.    Concentrazione, con centro, qui ora, subito.
2.    Percezione, osservazione, prendere, apprendere, apertura dei cinque sensi.
3.    Esperienza, memoria, comprendere, vocabolario.
4.    Immaginazione, energie/forza mentale.
5.    Espressione.
6.    Proiezione, condividere, trasmettere.
7.    Ritmo, cuore, vita.
8.    Essenza, messaggio.
9.    Armonia, yoga, tao, nature, universo.

I CINQUE GIURAMENTI/ Voci/ Condizioni/ Regoli.

1.    Rispettare, incrementare, coltivare la propria natura, la propria personalità.
2.    Essere veri, sinceri, onesti.
3.    Onorare la propria conoscenza, il proprio lavoro.
4.    Essere in armonia con il mondo.
5.    Risvegliare e coltivare il maestro interiore.

Punti di riferimento.
1.    Coscienza dei tre mondi: fisico/movimento –emozione/cuore – pensiero/entelletto.
2.    Jo-ha-kiu : inizio – sviluppo – conclusione.
3.    Il ciclo della natura: autunno – inverno – primavera – estate.
4.    Pensiero – Parole – azione : manachika – wachika – kayika.
5.    Luogo – tempi – situazione : desa – kala – patra,  come uno dei parametri della verità.
6.    Dono/talento – Sforszo/lavoro – Fortuna/destino/momento giusto.
7.    Attore/attrice – storia/testo/messaggio – spettatore/spettatrice.
8.    Coscienza dell’impulso interno, muscoli, ossa.
9.    Musicalità: ritmo – melodia – accordo/armonia.
10. Yin – Yang, buono – cativo, positivo – negativo, sinistra – destra, ......
11.  Movimento – suono/musicalita – testo/parole.
12.   Nascita – vita – morte:metamorfosi.
13.Origine / root - la strada-l'obiettivo a criteri di soddisfazione / soddisfare ness. 
14. Musicalità: ritmo, melodia, armonia / accordo. 
15. In teatro lo spazio rispondere, la realtà è la guida.
16. etc.


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